Terms and conditions 2023

Below you can find our new and flexible terms and conditions


The price for the yacht charter includes the use of yachts and equipment according to the current Price list, usual services provided by the Charter base at the time of check-in and check–out, and mooring expenses in the registry port. The yacht charter price does not include fuel, marina, and mooring expenses in ports outside the registry port, port taxes, and other fees.

After the yacht charter reservation has been confirmed,  which is valid only if provided in writing, payment has to be made as follows:

For new bookings confirmed until 31.01.2023(calculated on the net price):

  • A deposit of 30% is required upon booking within 7 days
  • The balance payment of 70% is 30 days before embarkation
  • Charter can be canceled free of charge,70 days before embarkation and the 100 % deposit will be refunded immediately.


Rescheduling of the charter is subject to availability. When rescheduling the charter, the client may choose to

  • Perform a change of the booking with a bigger or smaller, subject to payment of the additional price-list difference
  • Rescheduling to a higher/ lower pricelist period, subject to payment of the additional price-list difference

The reschedule /change will be accepted the latest 70 days before embarkation. In less than 69 days, the 30% advance payment will not be refunded.

Payments for booking confirmed after 01.02,2023(calculated on the net price)

A 30% deposit is required, upon signing the charter contract and within 7 days of the booking confirmation.

A 50% deposit is required, 60 days after the first advance payment

The remaining balance of 20% is required 30 days before departure to our bank account.

The full payment is required for last moment booking only by credit card, Master or Visa

Taking the boat into possession is effective once full payment has been completed.


Booking canceled, more than 75 days before embarkation,20% of the total charter fee

Booking canceled between 74 &31 days before embarkation,100% of the total charter fee

If the boat is re-booked for the same period, the cancellation fees will be refunded, only the dossier expenses charged with 300 Euros

Upgrade/change, subject to the cancellation policy

Upon payment of the booking rate, the client agrees to these general terms and conditions for onboard charter service and yacht features.

  • Additional services shall be charged according to the applicable price list(e.g transfer from the airport, auxiliary engine, gennaker, spinnaker, one-way deposits, skippers, etc)and they must be confirmed in writing not later than 7 days before the embarkation.

Should the client request from Tail Wind Yachting to engage a skipper and a hostess, this must be specified when the booking has been confirmed.

The copies of the sailing license must be submitted at the time of booking, and a crew list will be required not later than one week before the commencement of the charter.

It would be useful to send the notice of the hour of arrival and the flight number should the client arrive by plane one week before the commencement of the charter period.

The date of the receipt of the cancellation notice in writing shall be the basis for this settlement of stated cancellation charges.

Should the cancellation be caused by Force Majeure, or any other reasons whatsoever(serious damage of the yacht during prior bookings), the client shall be reimbursed by:

A compensation yacht with the same or similar features and equipment without any delay, or 100% of all monies paid in respect thereof.

In the event of damage or loss of any parts of the yacht during the charter, which is not essential for navigation safety, and should a course or event be cut short by the breakdown or damage of the yacht before the starting date of the following charter, the client shall not be entitled to any cancellation of the charter or to demand the reduction of the charter rate.


A)Before the delivery of the yacht, the client is expected to pay the security deposit by credit card.

After completing the charter of clients onboard, the security deposit shall be reimbursed in full, unless any damage or loss of any item of the yacht equipment has been found.

Otherwise, the deposit shall be kept in the equivalent value of the repair or the purchase value of the damaged and lost equipment.

If a skipper is engaged by TailWind Yachting, the client will be required to pay the security deposit.

In that case, the paid deposit cannot be used to cover any damage incurred due to the skipper’s negligence and poor navigation of the yacht and equipment.

B)Should the client wish to undertake sailing out of the boundaries of the territorial waters of Greece, he shall be required to inform Tailwind Yachting thereof as soon as possible to arrange additional insurance. The client shall be charged for the said costs and expenditures.

Charterer shall inform about the sailing out of the boundaries of the territorial water of Greece is to be confirmed in writing timely ,but not later than 45 days prior to the starting date of the charter service period.

C)Damage and major breakdown

If during the charter period any damages has been incurred due to normal wear and tear ,the client shall be entitled and obliged to provide any repair up to value of EUR150.00, which shall be reimbursed to the client after the redelivery of t he yacht to the base. If the damage cannot be repaired along the way requires the returning of the vessel to the base ,an early return of the yachts shall be organized in order the yacht can be repaired and timely prepared for the next charter. The client shall be entitled to the reimbursement proportional to the number of lost days if the breakdown onboard has been incurred due to the fault of TailWind Yachting otherwise ,the client cannot expect the compensation of costs thereof and they shall be required to compensate any additional cost related to the finding of the substitute yacht.

In the event of major damage and sea damage ,loss of the yacht, injury to persons, the client shall notify TailWind Yachting thereof and shall strictly adhere the instructions of the representatives of the company .The damage that has not been reported shall be considered as caused fully by the client ,therefore, due and payable by the client.


Yacht delivery takes place on Saturday at 17:00 hours.

The client shall deliver a verified original voucher all the clients data and the charter period along with the original navigation license, to the representative of TailWind Yachting.The yacht must be delivered with full fuel and water tanks and it is expected to be returned in the same condition as first delivered.

During the yacht delivery procedure the client will be required to inspect the inventory along with the representative of the company and confirm the condition of the yacht with their signature. The same procedure shall be referred to the devices onboard. Any subsequent complaint will not be accepted, provided that the good working condition and the full equipment of the yacht have been established and signed during delivery procedure. Any possible concealed defects of deficiencies of the yacht ,which could not have been expected by TailWind Yachting, shall not entitle the client to claim for the reduction of the charter rate.

TailWind Yachting may request from the client to demonstrate by navigating the yacht they competency to sail the yacht in presence of TailWind Yachting representatives .The costs associated therewith shall be borne by the client and the testing time shall be included in the period of charter on the yacht.

If, after check in procedure, TailWind Yachting has the opinion that the client is not, or may not be competent to be in charge of the yacht, an official skipper shall be engaged and the client will be charged for his services according to the Price List.

Should the client refuse to accept the designated skipper ,he shall be prohibited to leave the port, the agreement shall be terminated and the paid charter rate shall be kept without any right to compensation of damage.


The client undertakes:

to be capable and competent to sail the yacht(Otherwise, he shall be obliged to accept a skipper provided by TailWind Yachting according to the Price List)

  • to have all original navigation licenses. In Greece when chartering a bareboat yacht ,according to authorities requests, the client must provide original sailing certificate/license,(in English language or officially translated).Certificates for motor yachts day-skipper or sailing on day-light ,weather limitations are not accepted from the Port Authorities.

  • not surrender the yacht to Third Party.

  • not to carry persons or goods for commercial purposes.

  • not accept more passengers onboard of the yacht than it is specified in the Crew List.

  • the client(lease-holder) shall guarantee his being jointly liable for all crew members.

  • the client shall keep the crew list and the residence registration certificate along with the yachts documentation for the duration of the charter period

  • to notify Tailwind Yachting of any changes relating to the number of crew members or passengers made during the charter period

  • to comply with the law of the host country

  • not to participate in competitions and racing regattas without the prior written consent by TailWind Yachting.

  • not to operate the yacht under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • the client shall immediately inform representatives off TailWind Yachting following their instructions in the event of sea damage or major breakdown

  • the client shall follow the compulsory control intervals of propulsion engine during the charter period

  • the client shall contract the rescue fee before accepting the assistance if any towing services are necessary

  • to take all the preventive to keep the yacht in the same condition as first delivered to avoid any towing situations

  • not to leave the port if the expected wind power is greater than 25 knots,or the port authorities have already issued prohibition for leaving port

  • to plan carefully the navigation route so that 2 days before returning to the port of destination the yacht shall have been located at the approximate distance of 40NM from the said port

  • in case of rough weather conditions(gale-force wind)he shall notify the representative of TailWind Yachting of the exact location in order he may receive any needed assistance or to avoid unnecessary and costly yacht search operations

  • not to engage in fishing and submarine activities without valid license

  • depending on the weather conditions to avoid unnecessary strain on masts ,sails and ropes

  • not to embark any pets without the prior written consent byTailWind Yachting

  • to empty holding tanks at the open sea, i.e on the minimum distance of 1NM from the nearest land

Free of charge

Bed linen, towels ,quilts ,one set per cabin/per week.

Soaps, shampoo, lotion per cabin per head/per week


Starter pack : a basket of seasonal fruits ,one bottle of wine,1 bottle of juice ,snacks, one bottle of milk ,mineral water /head, one package of tea, one package of coffee, one package of sugar, ,snacks, one package of ice.


Early booking (until 31/01/2021 ) 10%
TailWind ‘s Repeat Client 5%
2 weeks charter on weekly rate 10%
Group Discount 5%
MAXIMUM DISCOUNTS(excluding long term) 15%
Charter less than 7 or 14 days ,upon request and subject to the period