Tailwind Yachting covid -19 policy

The COVID-19 pandemic is a situation that no one could have predicted. This is forcing everyone to re-evaluate plans and make many changes and sacrifices. During this time, we all must work together for the health of our clients, employees, crews, and our greater community while ensuring the viability of our industry coming out of this global crisis. Please work with us as we do our very best to navigate this situation and help you with your charter.

We have introduced the following cancellation policies for our charters. We have covid -19 safety measures place onboard our yachts and we can facilitate PCR-test if it is required for your return flight home.


In the case of official travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we offer a reschedule of the charter to later in the 2021 season or the 2022 summer season under the following conditions:

  1. The rescheduled charter shall be completed within twelve (12) months of the end date of the original charter period.
  2. Balance payment is changed to one month before new rescheduled departure dates.
  3. Charterers can reschedule to any yacht in the Tailwind Yachting fleet
  4. The charter rate remains unchanged if the same yacht is rescheduled in the same period of the year as their original charter. However, if the charter is rescheduled at other times or a different type of yacht is chosen, the charter rate will be that of the current advertised season rate for the yacht and the difference will be paid by CHARTERER.Tailwind Yachting shall have no liability for any travel or accommodation expenses of the CHARTERER or any of the CHARTERER’s guests (including, without limitation, any cost or expense of any hotels, transportation ashore, flights, and the like) incurred as a result of such re-scheduling and (if applicable) suspension.

Stay safe!